The days before consoles

file8051277552507As we approach the end of the year, many of us will expect to see some great new games consoles for sale. The manufacturers of these consoles like to make sure they are for sale just before Christmas because it will increase the chances of them being sold. Any gamer will tell you that getting or buying a brand new console is exciting, but what did we do before consoles arrived on the scene?

I remember getting my very first games console way back in the 1990’s. It was quite small, gray and there were wires coming from the device to the handheld controls. I loved that console, and I’d spend hours playing games that were loaded by way of a CD placed in the top of it. But what did I do before I had a console? I played games on my PC.

Games on the PC

In the days before games consoles, I had an Amiga computer, and I used to play a lot of games on that. But, before I had a computer, I used to do jigsaw puzzles, play outside with my friends, and I used to read a lot. It’s safe to say that these days’ this 30-something year old does not play outside so much anymore, but I do still read a lot, and I grab one or two puzzles from from time to time.

Kids did other things

In the days before consoles, kids hand handheld computer games to play, they rode their bikes and played sports and other games with their friends. This is not me trying to tell you that those days were better, they were just different, that’s all.

Consoles can be a great source of entertainment, and they can help you to really escape and enjoy a hugely exciting game. What’s more is you can now talk to people who live thousands of miles away, and you can work together as a team.

Consoles also encourage people to venture into games design, the sound effect industry and other exciting careers. While a lot of people see gaming in a negative light, it can in actual fact have a positive impact on someone’s life.

When I started gaming in the 1990’s, I used to spend hours at a time playing a game. Life was quite hard at that point, and I found gaming was a good form of escapism. Until you’ve played a game on a console, I’m sure you won’t really understand how great they are, and how they can really inspire those who use them.

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