National parks have always been great destinations for taking some really cool photos over the years. So in this write-up, I am going to share some of the most photographers’ friendly national parks in the world.

If you decide to go hiking in one of these amazing parks, always remember to bring a high quality, robust camera backpack. You’ll need this in order to kep your camera gear safe.

1. Dartmoor

Dartmoor is a very beautiful national park located in Devon. Dartmoor is famous for its large concentration of the remains of the Bronze Age; in fact, it has the largest concentration of the remains of the Bronze Age in the whole of United Kingdom. Outside that, Dartmoor also has lots of ancient national monuments which will surely give tourists a memorable treat.

Photographers can take all sort of amazing photos at Dartmoor. They can take photos of the rocky granite towers as well as photos of the surrounding landscape.

2. Brecon Beacons

Brecon Beacons is a 520 square-miles mountain range in South Wales. Brecon Beacons which have now been designated as a national park has one the highest mountain in South Britain.

Photographers can take photos of amazing waterfalls, moorlands, and mountains.

3. Caingorms

This is the biggest national park in Britain with a total measurement of about 1,748 square-miles. Caingorms also holds the record for having the most massive and highest mountain range in that country.

Photographers can take photos of landscapes with rugged mountain, crystal clear rivers, wide range of wild life, and amazing forests in Caingorms National Park.

4. Exmoor

Exmoor encompasses an area between Somerset and Devon north. This national park is home to the famous River Exe from which Exmoor National Park got its name.

Here, photographers can take photos of beautiful coastal villages, rocky landscapes, towering cliffs and amazing waterfalls.

5. Lake District

Lake District which is popularly called The Lakes, is an area covered with mountains in Cumbria. At The Lakes/Lake District, photographers can take some cool photos of the beautiful lakes in this national park. Photographers can also take photos of the beautiful forests that surround most of the lakes at Lake District.

These are a few of the national parks that photographers from all over the world go to for some amazing photos. Photos taken in any of these national parks are always very beautiful and that is one of the basic reasons photographers troop to these national parks all year round.

So if you are a photographer who is hungry for some unique and colorful photos, then take a trip to any of these national parks. The adventure and experience will be a memorable one for you.

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