Technology: What’s hot right now?

parade-in-south-beach-miamiWe live in a world where technology plays a huge part in our lives. Most of us use a mobile phone every day to contact friends and family, and a lot of us surf the web frequently too. But what’s hot right now? And what great new products will have us going ‘Ooh’ and ‘aah’ when we hear about them for the very first time?

The Nourish

This cube-like device is pretty clever as it uses a wide range of fitness and health-related apps to determine what nutrients your body needs.

At the time of writing, this is a start-up project but it looks like it’s going to be a pretty successful one. The cube comes with a 15 inch touchscreen that will open up when your nourish blend is ready. The cube actually holds up to 16 different nutrients, some of which will be dispensed when the Nourish thinks you need them. When you have the nutrients in the Nourish pod, you can then pour them into a drink.

This is a potentially a great way for you to get the nutrients your body needs. Let’s face it, we would all eat a little better, and do a little more to stay healthy.

I can see this product being bought for homes all around the country. You will need to make sure that you have the right apps in order for this product to work, and you will have to keep the nutrients in the Nourish topped up, but it could prove to be pretty great for helping to keep you healthy.


We love our tablets, most of us have one, or we are thinking of buying one. There are a lot of tablets out on the market right now that appear to be thinner, have better graphics and weigh less than many others out there.

The beauty of tablets is they can be used just about anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection. If you have a connection up and running, you can do anything from visiting to employing staff to help you run your new business, or you can simply check your social media accounts. One of the latest tablets, is about to hit the market with an impressive size screen, and a very thin slate. It’s this kind of progress that we’re seeing in the world of tablets that keeps us hooked.


Wearables are still quite new to the market, but they are already a big deal. My brother in law for example, has a watch that notifies him each time someone emails him. It also vibrates slightly and turns a specific colour when he receives a text message. Wearables are going to become something that a lot of people will use when they start to become more compatible with a wide range of devices.

Did you know that there are also wearables being designed that will help you to track where your children are? There are also those that tell you how far you’ve run, and how many calories you’ve burned (Unfortunately, the latter cannot offer you a very precise figure, but they will give you a general idea).

As we make our way into the latter half of 2015, we see more and more products being released in time for Christmas. Who knows what will be available next year? We can only wait in sheer anticipation and see what the future brings.


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