How technology has changed our daily lives

It really goes without saying that technology has become a big part of our lives. We rely on it so much, that occasionally when things go wrong, we feel quite lost without it.

So how has it changed our lives? And could we live without the vast technological changes that have taken place over the last few years?

1. We wake up in the morning thanks to the alarm on our mobile phone. This is something a lot of us take for granted, but mobile phones have only been around since the turn of the century.

2. We boil the kettle, or we expect it to have boiled itself thanks to the recent Wi-Fi and programmable kettles that are now on the market. Although this type of kettle is still quite new to the market, it’s thought that being able to programme when your kettle boils water, and even how hot your water is, will appeal to many.

3. We check our emails and watch the news on our Smart TV. Smart TV’s have taken over, and they now offer us so much more than they used to. Now we can have a world of entertainment right when we want it, even if it is to help us wake up in the morning.

4. Then we head off to work, to be guided by satellite navigation. Motorists will find Sat Nav useful, even if they drive the same route every day. Those who take the bus or train are also relying on technology to get them there, and to tell them which stop to get off.

5. We get to work and use the Best bean to cup coffee machine our employers could find in order to keep us awake. Coffee machines have grown in sophistication over the last few years, and although they can be a little confusing to use, they ensure we can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee when we need it the most.

6. We sit in front of a computer and work via the internet all day. Although not all of us work in an office, and are sat in front of a computer, technology still plays a big part in our lives. Supermarket checkouts are computers, those devices you use to scan bar codes are mini computers, and most people use some form of technology through-out their working day.

7. We head home, make dinner, courtesy of our new microwave or oven. Microwaves and ovens have now become a lot more sophisticated, and they offer us a lot more features and functions than they ever did before. Other ‘White goods’ such as washing machines are also quite technologically advanced too. My washing machine for example, weighs the clothes before deciding how long to wash them for.

8. Then we sit in front of the smart TV that also lets us play games, and enjoy the evening, while also using our preferred brand of tablet to surf the web. Smart TV’s can open up a whole new world to us, we can enjoy movies and TV shows as well as games and other apps too. The preferred brand of tablet that we use shows that web-connected devices are increasingly common and easy to use.

As you can see, technology has changed our lives, some say for the better, while others still look to the ‘Good old days’ when all we had were 4 channels on our TV, a land line, and a map in our car to show us the way.

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