How Smartphone Technologies Can Help You Keep Children Safe

As a parent or caregiver, thoughts of what is happening to your kids when out of sight can be disturbing. Reports of missing children have become very common in the media today. Thankfully, mobile phone technologies have advanced so much and will help you track the kid and keep him/her safer. Well, though these technologies are still dogged with the question of privacy and kids’ autonomy, it is a matter of deciding which road to follow. This is a topic for another day. In this article, mobile phone technologies are evaluated to establish their effectiveness in keeping your children safe.

(i) Utilize geo-fencing

Geofencing is a modern mobile phone technology that allows you to create areas that you think a kid will be safe. If a kid is going to school, you need to designate the school compound as a safe zone. Other safe zones may include a short distance from your home compound, church, or government institutions. With this technology, the kid’s smartphone will notify you with an alert immediately a child goes out of the safe zone.

(ii) Restricting usage of mobile phones

If you thought that your kid is only unsafe when outside the house, think again. Today, children start using smartphones at a very tender age. Because they are still young and not capable of analyzing friends and requests, they become an easy target for bullies, get recruited to bad websites, and even introduced to pornography. With a smartphone, you only need an appropriate tracking and control app to be able to do the following;

• Use keywords such as drugs, sex, pornography, burglary, and others to get alerts when a page containing them is visited. If the page is bad, you block it right away so that the child will never access it again.
• Know the child’s friends and evaluate them with the intention of blocking the bad ones. For example, if you note a number that calls or sends texts related to drugs, you can block it from accessing the smartphone.
• It is not unusual for children to get carried away on their phones playing games, texting, and making calls to friends. However, this can be disruptive and destructive if it prevents the child from doing homework or even sleep. With smartphone technology, you can disable different features such as calls, texts, or internet while allowing some important numbers and emergency line to remain open.

(iii) Use the smartphone to recover your lost or kidnapped child

If a kid gets kidnapped, lost, or is attending events you deem immoral such as sex parties; there is nothing as useful as a smartphone with a tracker. The latest technologies allow you to do the following;

• Activate the microphone so that you can get the immediate communication. If the child is in a discotheque, you will be able to know.
• Take images remotely. Even without the kidnapper or your kid knowing, you can take images remotely to establish where the child is.
• In the event of a kidnap, you can use the tracker to locate the child and recover him/her.

(iv) Use the smartphone to direct the kid when going shopping

If your kid is big enough, you can use the smartphone technology to direct him/her to specific shops for shopping. For example, if your family loves martial arts, you can buy boxing attire from or check the nearest store on the smartphone. The child will, therefore, be guided by geo-mapping technology not to get lost or risk falling into the hands of bad gangs.


When you are away, you should always be worried about your child’s safety. Though there are ethical issues that come with smartphone monitoring technologies, it is better to protect the child instead of waiting to deal with consequences of insecurity.

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