How Does Technology affect our Quality of Life?

There are many aspects that can be used to measure the quality of life. Having money is one way through which people believe that they are living a quality life since they can afford all they need for survival as well as every other luxury. However, money is not all we need to equate the quality of life to. Money cannot buy happiness yet we need happiness in order to have a fulfilled life. To be happy, we require that we be in good health both physically as well as mentally. Money may not help us achieve this state of healthy and thus we must look at life at a broader perspective. Availability of technology has a great impact on our lives. The truth of the matter is that technology has impacted both negatively and positively in our lives.

Positive impact of technology in our lives

Technology has greatly improved efficiency. Use of machines makes work easier and faster. This means that people can save on time and this will in return help people to be more productive. This is especially so for those in businesses where they can increase their output through increased efficiency and therefore earning more thus can afford a better quality life.

Similarly, people can use the internet to research n what they need to eat to achieve a healthy life. There is readily available information on what that constitutes a good diet and how people can achieve healthy lifestyles. There is also much advice on how people can avoid diseases especially those related to the diet. This therefore helps people to keep off a number of diseases and thus get to live in peace and happy with their health without having to seek medical attention now and then.

In addition, technology has been used to improve the quality of life for the disabled persons. This is because it has made available equipment that can be used by people with disabilities in order to improve their functional capabilities. There are equipment that can help them communicate, move around as well as performing other functions that any other normal person can do.

Moreover, the internet has provided avenues through which people can carry out businesses and therefore an income to help get their basic needs for survival. For example, drop shipping is one of the business people can conduct in order to earn a decent living. Business people can also look for market of their goods through the internet and thus increase their customers and this translates into increased revenue as well as profits. By buying through the internet, buyers will also save on search costs and will as well get a variety to meet their diverse needs. If you need to buy one of the long smoking pipes, those en you can do a search from the online market in order to get a variety from which you can choose from even at the comfort of your home.

How has technology impacted negatively in our lives?

Technology is a necessary evil. As much as we are praising it for the positive impacts, we cannot miss to say that technology also does destroy our lives to some extent. For example, with increased use of machines, human labor has been reduced and this means that a number of people are left jobless thus low living standards. Use of machines also poses a risk to those who operate them. They can cause injuries such as poor eyesight due to increased use of computers. The internet also avails any information with no limitations to access. This means that children can also access adult content and this will destroy their foundation.

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