Do you really need a Smart TV?

My parents recently bought a new TV, and to my surprise, it wasn’t a smart TV. I’m not entirely sure why they didn’t buy a television that affords them a lot more opportunities, but I guess it’s up to them.

HDTV’s are not the same as smart TV’s, in fact they are just regular televisions that will pick up regular channels and nothing else. There are no extra channels on there, and they don’t have a button you can press that will help you to sign up to some sort of subscription service.

I guess the saying ‘Each to their own’ applies here, but here’s why I was more than happy to buy a smart TV:

  • The extra money is well worth it. You get a larger variety of channels, and subscription services. /li>
  • You can download and play games on your smart TV if you wish.
  • You can even connect to the internet, this means The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 watch online free is something you can do if you wish.
  • You can make use of the frequent updates that become available.
  • You know your television will not need replacing or become redundant any time soon.

A thing of the past

The trouble with my parents buying a HDTV, is that in a few years, it is unlikely to work. This is because televisions are changing, is the way we watch things. Smart TV’s will very soon be the only type of television we can own if we want to watch anything at all. Although my parents probably bought a HDTV in order to save money, in a few years’ time, they’ll have to buy a new one again.

I like my smart TV, it enables me to watch the regular TV channels that I like, as well as a few others. Plus, when there’s absolutely nothing on, I can easily go to my paid subscription service, and watch a TV show or a movie, and that’s never a bad thing.

Smart TV capabilities

I would say that these days, you really do need a smart TV if you like to watch a lot of television. Admittedly, I only tend to watch a few hours of TV a day, once I’ve finished work, but I do like the smart TV capabilities. Give me a lot of channels, give me so many shows that I have a hard time keeping up with them. Give me the chance to watch a lot of movies, both old and new. Give me the capabilities of a smart TV and I will be a happy viewer. If you can relate to this, then you need to get yourself a nice new smart TV.

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