6 Gift Ideas for Gadget Freaks

A small dose of offbeat can go a long way, so read on for some special, regift-proof ideas that the gadget freaks on your list will adore.

Ozobot small gaming robot

Small robot, one-inch by one-inch Ozobot, bring a physical aspect to digital gaming. Use an Ozobot application on your tablet to play a range of games, from logic exercises to drawing games. Ozobot is a quick lil fella; it can glide across display or a paper surface, at up to three inches per second. Opt to play alone or with others – and with different bots, if you want. Still not influenced of the gift potential of this quirky and clever gadget?

Gramoxov Bluetooth gramophone

Old charm meets fresh technology with this gramophone for use with any Blue-tooth permitted gadget. Sturdy bones of walnut and steel provide it a sleek, polished appearance, and at just 20 tall, it is best size to perch on a side table, mantle or desk.

DSLR Camera

A DSLR camera is a great gift for the serious amateur photographer. Making the leap from phone-cameras and point-and-shoot cameras to a full sized DSLR can be a big one. To make sure you get the greatest bang for your buck, check out this overview of best DSLR cameras under 500 dollars.

Sphero app-controlled bal

Link this 6.4 ounce robotic ball to your cell phone or tablet through Bluetooth and play away. Use in combination with a slide of custom Sphero augmented truth applications, arcade applications, racing applications, and more. The plus you play, the more improved the experience: you can level up your Sphero brightness, speed, and color choices through continued use. Different features make for a digitally improved best time.

3D doodling Pen

Artistes and techies alike will love the 3Doodler– the initial 3D printing pen. Make designs or use scrawls over templates with the pen, which produces a flexible plastic as you draw, and retains a powerful shape as the plastic chills. Opt for unique filaments for clear, shimmery, and neon creations – at $10 a package, consider them stocking stuffer.

LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Gaming System

The best active video game system made only for kid’s ages 3-10 years old contains on board game pet play games. Games teaching math, reading, science and issue solving skills (further games sold separately). Simple to play three ways: classic control, pointer play, and body motion. Transforming controller jobs in 2 modes contains 16GB of memory, AC power adapter, HDMI cable, transforming controller, mount, camera, console and built in Ethernet/Wi-Fi port for downloads. Jobs with hundred + LeapFrog educator-verified LeapTV cartridge games, videos and game downloads, children will never run out of excitement!

GoPro Hero+

Hero + captures amazing 1080p60 video and 8MP images and specs bluetooth and Wi-Fi for linking to the Smart Remote and GoPro App. The GoPro application lets you manage your camera remotely, play back content, preview shots and make little video clips for simple sharing. Waterproof to 131 and packed with easy to use camera modes, Hero+ is the best entry level GoPro for those who want top-standard capture and on-the-go linking.

With these amazing gadgets you can also gift these lenses for the Sony Alpha a6300.

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