​A Holiday Packing List for Gadget Freaks

file5471283781876Travel has replaced a lot over the last decade or so. When we used to carry paper notebook and film, we now bring every technology gadget we find. These days travels is about sharing your memories in true time, catching the new flick in the comfort of your hotel room in the evening and carry every easy piece of gadget that will keep you linked and permit you to capture the best travel moments. For those who love modern technology as much as we do. Here is a round up of some of the latest travel tools for technology fans.

Even my retired parents love all the best and hottest travel gadgets on the market. They are fluky, because we are forever up to date on what is latest and what’s not. Dave and I give them the inside scoop on what items they should obtain. Since my parents are in the know, we thought we did share our loves with you too!

Memory card holder

If you are anything like us, you have a lot of different travel memory cards. We don’t like to erase anything until our videos and images are backed up having memory cards loose in our luggage is not a choice either. Keep them organized with a memory card holder. This strong 2000 Aluminum Memory card holder goes perfect with Apple gadget and grip memory cards and SD cards sung as a bug.

DSLR camera

To take nice travel shots, you need a good camera. While most smartphones are able to shoot nice looking pics in high resolution nowadays, they offer limited manual controls. If you want to get really creative with your photography and experiment with things like long exposures and depth of fiels, then consider purchasing a good entry level DSLR camera. They don’t have to be expensive, just take a look at these best cameras under 500.

External battery charger

Have you ever plan to go into restaurant or coffee shop just to use a cable to charge your Smartphone or other travel gadgets? Well, if you get yourself a RavPower external battery charge you would not have to hesitate about missing calls or checking facebook during your travels again. With 2 USB ports you can charge 2 gadgets at once and it even charges travel iPads.

Waterproof camera

If you will be spending a good amount of your holiday time in the water, you should definitely consider bringing a waterproof camera. A must have if you want to take stunning pictures of corals, fishes, etc. While they are a bit more expensive then regular digital cameras, they will certainly be worth it. To make sure you buy a good quality underwater camera, make sure you check out this overview of the best Waterproof Cameras of 2015.


Lifeproof waterproof case

You spend a lot of cash on your Smartphone. Especially if you are like us and buy an unlocked iPhone 5. We are spending more cash on our phone than most people spend on a PC, so why would not you take care of it. Lifeproof is the best case for your gadgets making them waterproof. If your drop your Smartphone a lot like me or plan on doing adventure travel or excursions, you will want this case.

World Travel adapter

If you travel a lot, you will understand what a pain it is rummaging through your adapters trying to find the best one for the next country. That’s why Eagle Creeks globe plug another adapter work stunning. It’s got everything you need in single compact plug. No more loose parts of gear getting lost in the hotel room.

So those are our best choices for the modern travel devices on the market today.



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